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Relationships from the Perspective of Your Soul


Discover how your spiritual connections affect your life, loves and community

What would your Soul say about the relationships in your life?  


As a spiritual being in your human experience, connection with others is a core part of why you came into this wild Earthly realm. Relationships give us one of the richest contexts for growth and challenge, support and joy.  


But at times our interactions can feel like a bunch of what-the-fuckery. From your human point of view, things aren't always clear.

You get overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, disconnected, lonely.

You feel betrayed, abandoned, vulnerable, criticized.

This can be in your family, romantic partnership, friendships and professional life.


When we look from the Soul-level, the vista is way different... and it starts to all make sense. When you understand the role people in your life have to you on your spiritual journey, relationships take on a whole different meaning. You are empowered to feel more peaceful, centered and loving, even when your humans are showing up with their drama, idiosyncrasies and negative vibes.

You become unconditional, generous, whole and free.


Learn how to start thinking about the people in your life as gorgeous Souls who are here to support you on your journey, so you can stress less and rock the shit outta life more!

Join this free LIVE Interactive Zoom-fest (webinar) to:

  • Discover what Soul-level connections are and how they're part of your personal evolution, Soul's agenda and journey of expansion

  • Learn the 4 main spiritual roles people have to you and how to get way-less triggered by the ones who challenge you 

  • Recognize people with whom you have a deeper connection, how this is orchestrated and how to attract more "Soul family" into your life

  • Understand how to look at relationships as mirrors reflecting back to you the information you need to empower you on your awakening pathway 

Hosted by: Jennifer ALLY Kern

Higher Consciousness Consultant, Spiritual Mentor & Author of The Drama-Free Way: Authentic Thriving in a Chaotic World


Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada) GMT -5

  • Tuesday, 09 November 2021, at 2:00 pm

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Award-winning Author. Mentor. Teacher. Master Healer.

Meet Jennifer ALLY

Jennifer Ally Kern has a BBA in International Business, a MS in Psychology.

Before starting her business Intrinsic SOULutions in 2009, she began her career as an addictions counselor at the Mayo Clinic.

Jennifer has studied with top minds in the areas of higher consciousness, neuro-transformation, NLP and is a certified Akashic Records Master Healer. She is the creator of the Inner Alignment Model and the Lead in Alignment system, and in 2018 she founded THRIViesta: Soul-centric Events. 

Jennifer is an advocate and champion for human evolution, authentic connection, spiritual awakening, and manifesting the "new earth" in our lifetime. She is particularly passionate about activating women leaders, entrepreneurs and healers into their higher consciousness and Authentic Selves.

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