Manifest the Life your Soul has Intended




If you’ve been trudging along a spiritual path, raising your vibration, and grappling with the Law of Attraction, but find that you’re still struggling to “make it work” for you…

If you’re longing to intellectually put the scientific and spiritual pieces together, PLUS get practical application to get into the “flow” and let life be more fun and fulfilling, more easy and lucrative, then this Masterclass is for you!

3-Months Can Up-Level Everything

You’re a soul-centric human, committed to your growth, and on a powerful pathway of awakening. You’re out to make the world more positive place and to really thrive in your life, in every possible way.


  • If you’re stressing and struggling your way through…
  • If you’re not earning the income you want or not attracting the relationships, health or experiences you most deeply desire...
  • If it’s all frustration and no fun…
  • If you’re constantly depleted from trying to figure it all out while playing by the old “rules of success”...


Then—I hate to break it to you, my Friend—but your capacity for fulfilling your Soul’s Goals is limited.


Like, no kidding. And that doesn’t serve anyone. Least of all, YOU.

Vibration always precedes manifestation. It all starts with your energy—and when you truly understand how energy operates, and you build the skills and practices to make it work for you, then you can fully awaken to your true power, align with your Soul’s desires, enjoy your relationships, manifest your missions and rock the shit outta your Highest Life Path.

Lead in Alignment teaches you to create your life based on the “rules of vibration”. It shifts your outlook to include the invaluable perspective of your Soul. It gives you the real-world application that empowers you to embody your Truest Self and activate the next level of your potential—the level that your Soul has been begging you to step into.


Whether you’re facing challenges in your relationships, navigating growing pains in your career, pursuing steep goals in your business, working on improving your health or simply wanting to feel better about yourself and your life… Alignment is a one-stop-shop for fulfilling all of your desires, because it activates your joy, reveals your “highest path”, and allows you to access your own answers, insights and wisdom for how to achieve and manifest everything your Soul desires.



"Working with Jennifer, I saw a unique marriage of intellectual concepts and woo-woo practices. She expressed it in a very unexpected and visual way (love her whiteboard diagrams!) As a consequence, I am suddenly struck on a daily basis with wonderful moments of gratitude for this amazing life and confidence to do the bigger asks in my business."




Jennifer Espinosa Goswami

Lifestyle Coach & Motivational Speaker


"I have done many mindset workshops, and at first I didn’t know how this would be different. Lead in Alignment was exactly what I needed to help me implement all the Universal Laws I had already learned, and how to have a mindset practice that keeps me aligned with my purpose all day. I feel 100-times happier and my business is growing a ton!"




Dr. Melinda Morgan

Entrepreneur, Back 2 Balance Natural Healing Center

"Lead in Alignment taught me to manifest my heart’s desires and how my Soul brings these things to me. Now, everything flows so much easier.  My relationships are better. My jobs are going well, because I am attracting the kinds of people that I can best serve. I am not spending energy on activities that don’t keep me moving forward. My work is effortless, compared to what it used to be and my income has also increased! "

Lori Schmidt

Transformational Travel Entrepreneur






In the next 12-weeks, you’ll get 1 Module per week through an easy-to-access link in your Inbox. In each Module, you’ll receive:

  • Video Lessons and accompanying worksheets
  • One Key Concept
  • One Daily Alignment Practice
  • Your Weekly Homework ... to make it all real in your everyday life

Enjoy additional resources including exclusive access to monthly live Q&A calls, PLUS staying connected through your membership to my Lead In Alignment Facebook Group.


Lead In Alignment Investment Rate $997



MODULE 1 Your Soul and Its Pathway

Understand the relationship between you as a human and You as a Soul. The trick to living your awesomest, most impactful life, is to navigate this duality and align your Human-self to your Soul-self—because your Soul already has all the potentials mapped out. But you get to choose which pathway you take.

If you have a deeper desire and can imagine its future potential, then you can manifest it.​ It's already part of your Soul's agenda… patiently wait for you to say 'yes' to it.



MODULE 2 Alignment and the Energy of Your MindFlow

Like everything in the Universe, you are made up of energy. And because you are a multidimensional BEing, your energy is operating on different levels all at the same time. Learn about the different levels and forms of energy that make up the totality of You—from your Soul-self to your Human-self.

Also, discover MindFlow, and understand the process of manifestation through the different "levels of mind".



MODULE 3 Alignment, Emotions and Law of Attraction

Emotion is the way you as a Human interpret energy and align with your Soul. When you are in Alignment, you can attract and manifest with ease. When you're out of Alignment, the energy is blocked, so you struggle. Learn how to identify when you're in Alignment verses when you are out of Alignment… and what to do about it!



MODULE 4 Contrast and the Law of Polarity

You are a vibrational being, operating on a continuum of energy. This module gives you the Energetic State Spectrum. You’ll also discover the concept of "contrast" (obstacles, roadblocks and challenges), how it differs from "suffering", and how these aspects of life are both there to serve your Soul's greater agendas. Understanding how this relates to the Law of Polarity will help you get the ‘click’ you need to powerfully create from contrast!



MODULE 5 The Vortex and Lesser-known Laws for Manifestation

When going from Contrast to Manifestation, you need to understand the Laws of Gender and Gestation to get you there. Discover how these critical laws work with your MindFlow, so you can effortlessly attract what you need—resources, innovations, people, right timing, physical objects, and events—to bring your ideas into manifested form.



MODULE 6 Comfort Zones and Feeling Stuck

If you feel stuck in anything in life, it’s due to Paradigms (how you got programmed) and PsychoCybernetics (your familiar Vibrational Set Point or ‘comfort zone’), along with Human-level Fear. Learn how to make changes and quantum leaps in your life, to unravel old paradigms and reprogram your “cybernetic mechanism” so you achieve new, higher goals. Realize how Alignment automatically helps you with this shifting, growth and transformation.



MODULE 7 The Law of Rhythm: Busting the “Terror Barrier”

The Terror Barrier is the outer edge of your “comfort zone”, where doubt, fear and anxiety lead you to slam on the brakes of manifesting your desires. From the perspective of the Soul, fear is the signal that it’s time to launch! Level-up and embrace your highest potentials. Understand the Law of Rhythm to make sense of—not only why the fear is there—but how it can serve your evolution.



MODULE 8 Move into Your Soul’s Reality and Highest Timeline

Learn how to harness the different levels of your Mind in order to effectively and permanently transcend your paradigms and live into the greatest reality your Soul has intended for you. When you are awakening, up-leveling and reaching to new heights, attract in a positive, powerful community to support your process and ultimate success, while enjoying the journey together.



MODULE 9 Quantum Leaps and Timelines: The Decision is Key

As humans, we are responding to the outer world in the now-moment... but that's already old news from a vibrational perspective. Understand the Vibrational Time Paradox that impacts your manifestations, and how to direct your MindFlow to shape where you are going. Learn how your Decision-Power is the access point to making a quantum leap onto an alternate timeline or life pathway. You are living the ultimate ‘choose your own adventure’ novel!



MODULE 10 The Neuroscience of Alignment

Your brain was literally built to embody your Soul in this human experience! Learn how your MindFlow is mapped out in the brain, and understand how your brain works when you’re in Alignment vs. out of alignment. Discover the balancing-act between your brain’s hemispheres, how stress and stimulation impact your align-ability, and where to find your “sweet spot” of optimized thriving.



MODULE 11 Sculpting Consciousness and the Anatomy of Intuition

Vibration always precedes manifestation. Learn how to focus your brain power to “sculpt consciousness”—the raw, undifferentiated energy of the Universe—into the manifestations you desire. Discover how your human system is designed to be in direct communication with your Soul through the vehicle of Intuition.



MODULE 12 Living Your Soul’s Agenda

Connect with your Soul’s Goals!...the big-ass missions you’re here to manifest! Learn the difference between your purpose and missions—a critical distinction for leading a life of Alignment. Understand Soul Agreements and how you are vibrationally connected to the people you currently know and the Ones you desire to meet—new clients, collaborators, lovers, children—every person you want to cross paths with already exists in the Soul realm… and your Alignment will help you attract them into your life experience.


Lead In Alignment Investment Rate $997


In the next 12-weeks, you’ll get 1 Module per week through an easy-to-access link in your Inbox. In each Module, you’ll receive:

  • Video Lessons and accompanying worksheets
  • One Key Concept
  • One Daily Alignment Practice
  • Your Weekly Homework ... to make it all real in your everyday life

Enjoy additional resources including exclusive access to monthly live Q&A calls, PLUS staying connected through your membership to my Lead In Alignment Facebook Group.