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Rise to Record Heights

You're a woman who’s committed to your Alignment and living your Soul's highest path.

You always seek the next level of your growth, from the inside out.

You're an entrepreneur, healer, leader, creative, and/or impact-maker in your community.


The process of awakening to your Greatest Self and ascending to live fully integrated with your Soul is not easy. It involves healing, shedding, releasing, learning, integrating and deep transformation. 

You cannot stay the same. 

And no one can do this process for you.


The good news is… you don't have to go it alone.


 Epic Akashic is here to attune you to the frequency of the Akashic Records, while providing the logical concepts for your rational understanding of what it is to work in the Records.

This will accelerate your awakening and open up your Higher abilities at a quicker rate.


The Akashic Records are an 8th Dimensional energy.

It is the dimension that reflects and aligns with

the 1st Dimension of pure Source energy.

As a woman with your unique role in the world, you are predisposed to this Higher work. And if you’re reading this now, your Soul has arranged this opportunity as a potential gateway to step into a higher level of You and your life’s missions at this time… when we really need you at max capacity!


Greater turbulence is afoot on planet Earth in the months and years ahead. Things are moving faster, getting bigger and louder. The intention of this group is to navigate these changes together from an elevated state, with integrity and in a safe space, while equipping you to heal and evolve more rapidly so you can better serve those in your sphere of impact.


I'm Jennifer Ally


It's my honor to be your teacher, mentor and guide in learning to access the Akashic Records.


I first heard of the Akashic Records in 1996 and, years later, started tuning into them in 2011. Eventually I was lead to formally work in the Records in 2017.

Following 'the call', in 2019 I began training small groups of women internationally to access the Records. 


Beyond this, I have a MS in Psychology, am a Higher Consciousness consultant and have extensive training in neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-transformational coaching.


As a certified Akashic Records Master Healer, I hold this intimate, high-intensity process with the greatest reverence and integrity. It is truly one of my greatest joys to initiate you into accessing your Soul's Record of potentials and your highest human experience!

What happens when you are attuned to the Akashic Records:

  • Accelerate your ascension into living even higher aspects of your True Self
  • Advance your personal healing and raise your frequency, so you can have a greater impact just through your presence with people
  • Understand how to attract resources to achieve your Soul Goals, while making you more magnetic
  • Help you “channel” with intention, which can be focused on clients, building your business, designing programs, writing, creative projects, and much more
  • Neurologically, balance your brain hemispheres to be more effective in your daily life and more consistently in Alignment
  • Open your third eye (activate the pineal gland) to amplify your intuition
  • Make you more youthful, vibrant, attractive, and healthy by revitalizing cells with potent “light energy”
  • Up-level your confidence, self-authority and innate joy
  • Help you cultivate a very conscious relationship with your Spiritual Guides so they can better assist your Earthly journey
  • Elevate your prayer-power to more directly impact world events (literally)
  • If you’re a mother, come to know how to better guide your children into their Souls’ highest expression and greatest life success, and connect with them vibrationally at deeper levels

“2020 was undeniably the most challenging year of my life. My journey with Jennifer and the Akashic Records has become one of the most potent tools I have to maneuver this current world.


The shifts I experience within the Records are a guiding force in my life; an always available resource that I will forever turn to for guidance, for healing, for upliftment, for realignment, for connection to Source, guides, angels, ancestors, and any other form imaginable. The Records are my happy place, the place where I find peace and a sense of acceptance. Through Jennifer's guidance and support, I have come into a level of belief in self and in the power of this incredible work. With the Akashic Records, I feel like I have a cheat code to life. 


To anyone called to the Akashic Records, or who is considering working with Jennifer, let this be your sign to say ‘yes’! Her gentle, loving demeanor and the potency of what she provides is worth the investment, time and time again. She is absolutely tapped into something grand, and her total belief in it and alignment with it shines through consistently. Jennifer is the real deal.”


— Shawna Reckinger

What’s included in this foundational program:

  • A comprehensive introduction to Akashic work and the myriad ways you can use this remarkable resource

  • The Epic Akashic Online Course with content and resources to enhance your learning and integration

  • Experience the Akashic Attunement process within the amplified field of a powerful group consciousness

  • Receive your own prayer to access the Akashic Records

  • Learn basic skills for working in the Records

  • Understand ethics of working with the Records

  • Learn how your clairsenses work and grow this superpower!

  • Receive recordings of all sessions to return to the magic and enhance your up-leveling

  • A private WhatsApp group line for ongoing support throughout our time together

  • The Daily Alignment Practice with access to a private Facebook group where you receive done-for-you practices everyday to raise your vibration and align you with your Soul. (This is a mega-bonus! You’ll love it.)

Two days prior to meeting Jennifer, I asked my Guides to connect me with a powerful, bad-ass female mentor to guide my spiritual journey. When I first met her, I asked her if we knew each other, because that is how strong the Soul connection was. Her energy and presence are so magnetic.


The Akashic Records Training was phenomenal and life changing. I had 'aha' moments, breakdowns, and massive break-throughs. With Jennifer’s guidance and support, I was able to process and release pain, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs. I found courage, strength, self-worth, self-love, compassion, and new lenses to see everything in life through. I moved through fear and difficult decisions with new awareness and knowing that the Universe has got my back.


Working in the Akashic Records has been an honor and has strengthened my intuitive abilities. I love being able to visit this sacred space for clarity, healing, and insight. I learnt how to really surrender, how to ask for spiritual guidance and how to be fully present in my body to receive the answers.


It was also an immense blessing to connect with other women in the Records to share our divine gifts. In the Akashic Records, I always feel held, uplifted, and reminded of the divine being I am. I spend time in the Records for healing and guidance when making decisions and to expand my knowledge of my Soul’s desires.


— Sashawna Miller


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most commonly asked questions...

How do I know if I'm ready to read the Akashic Records?

What if I'm already working as an intuitive or a healer - like reiki?

Should I do this if I'm not a practitioner and I'm not planning on using this skill set professionally?

How do we meet for our sessions?

What happens in the group sessions?

What is the Daily Alignment Practice that is included with this program?

What are the different things in my daily life that I can use the Akashic Records for?

What materials do I receive to enhance my learning?

Who are the other women in this program?

Will this up-leveling process open up more chaos in my life?

Is there a guarantee?

Do you offer refunds?

“I was first introduced to Jennifer by a trusted friend who referred me to her for an Akashic Records Reading.  I hadn’t heard of the Akashic Records, but was intrigued by the prospect of connecting to the Records of my Soul’s journey.  


From the beginning, I felt honoured, respected and held in the highest regard without judgement. Jennifer put me at ease and answered my questions with clarity and offered the perspective of my Soul.  The information that came through her was enlightening and life changing, and as a result, I felt more at peace with myself and better understood the ups and downs of life.


In the Epic Akashic course and attunement process, I felt like I was being guided to experience this wonderful raising of energies, both for myself and to be of service to others.


Jennifer herself is a Master in the Akashic Records and responds to each woman's individual experience by encouraging our own unique way of interpreting the Records. She helps each of us find the way that feels aligned for us. There is no 'wrong' way. There is only love, acceptance and great reverence for all involved.


The information that has come through the Akashic Records has been profound, immensely loving and extremely useful. It is a deeply nourishing experience, one that I will continue to access for the rest of my life.


I highly recommend Jennifer Ally to anyone who is searching for answers, wherever you are on your journey. I see her as a Spiritual Leader, a way-shower and teacher.


Jennifer's work is Divinely inspired and her mission here is to show women their true nature and power. I have enjoyed every second of my time with her and am eternally grateful for the insights, knowledge and extreme caring Jennifer brings to all she shares.” 


— Donna M. Farrow