"Jennifer Ally Kern has created a masterpiece for how to think and remain present in a world that devotes WAAAYYY too much time and energy toward fueling the chaos rather than expanding our bliss.

Jennifer's 'X-factor' is her ability to take big concepts and make them clear, simple, and relatable. Her humor, wit, and personal stories remind you that she's one of us, and yet you also get the sense that the type of mind who can synthesize these ideas to produce this book is a cut above the rest. 

Jennifer's writing embodies the idea of a spiritual being having a human experience. She has much to teach us as we navigate the ups and downs of life. 

I have bought this book for clients, friends, and hands-down it will be staple reference in my library as a psychologist, coach, speaker, and presenter."

Award-winning Author. Mentor. Teacher. Master Healer.

Meet Jennifer ALLY