Get ready to 'drama-proof' your mind so you can

rise and thrive!

The soul-sucking monster we call Drama--it's everywhere.  

But it's not what you think it is...

Jennifer Ally Kern, author of the national award-winning book The Drama-Free Way: Authentic Thriving in a Chaotic World reveals the new definition of "drama" and equips you to deal with the various ways it limits your mind and seeps into your life.


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Jennifer Ally Kern has created a masterpiece for how to think and remain present in a world that devotes WAAAYYY too much time and energy toward fueling the chaos rather than expanding our bliss.

Jennifer's 'X-factor' is her ability to take big concepts and make them clear, simple, and relatable. Her humor, wit, and personal stories remind you that she's one of us, and yet the type of mind who can synthesize these ideas is a cut above the rest. 

Jennifer's writing embodies the idea of a spiritual being having a human experience. She has much to teach us as we navigate the ups and downs of life. I have bought her book for clients, friends, and hands-down it will be staple reference in my library as a psychologist, coach, speaker, and presenter.

- Betsy K. Amazon Reader

Award-winning Author. Mentor. Teacher. Master Healer.

Meet Jennifer ALLY

Hello, Dahhhling! It's awesome that you made it here, so we can get to know each other.

Here's Me: I have a BBA in International Business and a MS in Psychology.

I started my career working as an addictions counselor at the Mayo Clinic,

and in 2009 I left to start my own business.

In 2012, I came across the foundational concepts of what creates drama in our lives and suppresses our Authentic Selves, and that prompted me to write my national award-winning book ​The Drama-Free Way: Authentic Thriving in a Chaotic World.

Since then, I've worked with hundreds of women to move beyond invisible blocks, stop limiting themselves, heal inner suffering, awaken to their Authentic Selves and

truly build a thriving life... on their own terms.

You see, I believe that human healing and evolution is hinged on the awakening process and women are leading that wave. It's essential for them to bring their Authentic Selves into full expression and service in the world, at this time. 

It's never been more important and YOU are a key piece to the puzzle! I want you to be fully equipped with everything you need to live your Soul's biggest missions, feel joyful, 

be abundant and really rock the shit outta life!

Don't delay your Soul's authentic thriving. 

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