Ready to level-up and become powerful AF?

I have good news for you... 

You're in the right place 

and in good company!

There's a group of high-powered, committed, Soul-centered women waiting to meet you!

Welcome to Jennifer Ally's

Daily Alignment Practice

Let's face it... 

You're on an awakening journey, and there's no getting around that.


You've read the spiritual books.

You follow the leaders in the personal empowerment field.

​You know all about the Law of Attraction,

but you're a little hit-or-miss at getting it to 'work' for you. 

You've done some meditation and 'gratitude' is not a foreign concept.


You know what you're "supposed" to do to be 'more spiritual' (and to feel better),

but you can't quite seem to get into a good groove of being consistent.

Well, my Dear, you're not alone...

It's hard to take high-level spiritual concepts and make them real in your everyday world.

You know you'll feel more confident and life will be easier,

but you're still spinning your vibrational-wheels, feeling stuck and alone in the process.


That's where building a daily practice, designed by a woman for other women, can help you get into the flow of truly living in alignment with your Soul's greatest path and purpose.


AND... it gets to be easy, fun and perfectly fit to your needs.


Can I get a 'hallelujah, Sistah!' 

Imagine If...

  • You had clarity and insight from your own Soul's wisdom supporting you throughout your daily activities 

  • You felt a sense of balance and confidence in relationships and being able to speak your own truth, set boundaries and know your worth

  • Things could flow easier in all areas of your life without you having to stress or struggle your way through

  • You felt good and energized at the start of each day and brought that energy to your work, family, body and all aspects of your world

  • You could surround yourself  with women who are also actively cultivating an aligned life

  • You could cultivate a relationship with your Self where you feel safe, solid, whole, and like--at the end of the day--you always have your own beautiful Soul to come home to

Hi, I'm Jennifer ALLY


Here, as your ally in Alignment.


For almost 15 years, I've been working with Alignment principles and practices as a Higher Consciousness consultant, coach, mentor and spiritual guide. 


I help women awaken their Authentic Selves and come into Alignment with the Truth of Who They Really Are so they can really rock the shit outta life and have fun on the journey! 


If you're here, you're probably ready to up your vibrational game, and building a strong Daily Alignment Practice is just the ticket! 

Start rockin' your

 Daily Alignment Practice today where

spiritual awakening meets practical application

During the turbulent times we're in, the best thing you can do for yourself (and the world!) is live from a powerful place of Alignment with the Truth of Who You Are.


Having a consistent Daily Alignment Practice is the quickest, most effective way to increase your joy, step up your game,

deal with uncertainty, navigate rapid change 

and raise your vibration to match the energy of your

rockin'‐awesome SOUL!


When you join a collective of high-impact, mission-driven, heart-centered women doing the same, now you go quantum.


Here we combine a proven system to attune you to your Soul's frequency, in ever-higher levels, with the invaluable support of collective momentum. 


​The Daily Alignment Practice membership will equip you with a wide variety of unique practices {facial aerobics, anyone?} that will have you vibin' through the roof!

They are all designed to enhance your brain's neuroplasticity (ability to change) while harmonizing your Human-Self with your Soul-Self.

Done consistently, they make you happier, calmer, smarter, and,

of course, sexier.


In the private Facebook group, there are new and different practices designed for you everyday, based on the cosmic energies of the day, and aligned with Divine feminine rhythm and flow. 


You will build a skill set to help shift your energy from a low vibration {think anger, anxiety, frustration}  and begin to consistently embody higher frequencies {think calm, love, joy} so you can really live the authentic truth of your beautiful Soul


And the best part?... It's a no-brainer; just show up and do the practice as it's laid out. PLUS! never goes out of style. What you learn will equip you to take charge of your precious energy forever... no matter what craziness life throws your way.

This has been a tremendous journey and it came at a time in my life when I needed it the most.

The Daily Alignment Practice allows me to center, ground myself and reconnect with my peace and calm. Now, I'm confident, regardless of the type of day I'm having, I have resources at my disposal when I need them.  And when I see others in the group 'rocking' their Alignment, I cheer/celebrate silently.

Charisma Grace

Nova Scotia, Canada

This Alignment practice has been really important and really awesome, especially watching for 'magical manifestations'. So many amazing opportunities have come my way since I started!


I feel like things are falling into place within my business, which is great because I was feeling stuck and unclear about my offerings to the world. Focusing on my Alignment is a beautiful process.

Tessie Charlotte

Kauai, Hawaii, USA

The Daily Alignment Practice is helping my inner knowing. I'm experiencing more depth, as there are topics covered here that I haven't come across in other places.

Jennifer Ally is a superstar kicking vibrational ass... and I love it! I'm so glad for the doors opening to endless possibilities. I appreciate the beautiful energy of the community. Together we get to collaborate for a better world. I am beyond thankful.

Akasia Inchaustegui

San Jose, Costa Rica

What does this membership program include?

The Daily Alignment Practice is about to rock your multidimensional world.

It's like having a lifestyle makeover... for your Soul

  • Access to our private Facebook group  where you get new practices everyday

    Each day, you'll receive a few simple prompts for activities that will raise your vibe and keep you tuned in to your Soul's highest path. Each practice is custom crafted based on the natural 13:20 frequency of "galactic time", so you're synchronized to the universal energy of the day. Example practices include: 

    • Guided meditation
    • A journaling topic
    • An upbeat song to 'rock out' to and uplift you
    • An invocation (these are like affirmations on crack!)
  • Keep it fresh and focused

    Having something new and different to focus on each day will keep you engaged and stop you from stalling out. Of the 11 different Practices, you'll receive 3 each day to choose from, or do them all! If you find some faves, you can always go back and repeat practices from other days too. It's your practice -- make it work for you.

  • Share Your Wins, Ask your Alignment Questions & Get Answers​

    Jennifer Ally is actively engaged in this community. You'll receive the daily prompts, yes, and this is also the space to come with your questions about your Alignment, vibration, energy, the Soul's perspective and  more. Plus, it's a rich space to share your wins and inspirations with others.

  • Connection with Powerful, Committed Women who are Soul Family

    When you enter into a high-vibe community of like-minded women, you absorb that energy and bring it into your day. It will enhance your awakening journey and showing up as your Authentic Self. 

    Being part of a group will also help keep you activated and in the flow. You'll be inspired by watching other women "report" each day on accomplishing their daily practice. Being part of this powerfully aligned group will give you a space to be seen and witnessed in your Alignment journey, as well as a home to come to when life gets rough. After all, we are Soul Family.

  • Be Silently Witnessed

    Being witnessed in our life experience is a powerful catalyst for growth and personal improvement. This program embraces a 'soft accountability' approach to creating consistent action through being witnessed. How does it work? After you complete your practice each day, you'll write in the comments box, "I rocked it!" to let other women celebrate you in your Alignment glory and cheer you on behind the scenes!

  • Get the Daily Alignment Practice Online Course

    In this simple course, you'll learn about 11 different Practices that help you cultivate a Soul-aligned life. You'll discover some of the reasons why we do these practices, based on neuroscience and Universal Laws, and how they help you raise your vibe.

What's the Investment?

What if you could be tuned in to the energy of your Soul everyday,

where life gets to be fun, easy, peaceful and effortless...

for half the price of a daily cup of coffee?


If you're ready to get serious about raising your vibration, awakening to your Authentic Self and living in Alignment with your Soul's truth & desires, jump right in and join us!


Become a member of the global tribe of committed women who are rocking their Daily Alignment Practice... and keeping each other motivated!  


Join today and start to receive your practices

all designed to give you a user-friendly approach to living a powerfully aligned life! 

When you become a member of the Daily Alignment Practice,

you get all of this included:

Daily Done-for-You, custom crafted Alignment Practices based on the energy of each day

Q&A and Support from Jennifer within the Facebook group

Connection with other Soul-centered, high-achieving women to up-level together!


Register today and get the first week FREE! Plus, receive Access to the Daily Alignment Practice Online Course with 11 modules of learning, so you're well-educated about what the different kinds of practices are (don't worry, you don't have to do all 11 everyday), why we do these different practices, and how to make the most of them in your daily life so you can be powerfully aligned to your Authentic Self and your Soul's Truth! 


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Award-winning Author. Mentor. Teacher. Master Healer.

Meet Jennifer ALLY

Hello, Dahhhling! It's awesome that you made it here, so we can get to know each other.

Here's Me: I have a BBA in International Business and a MS in Psychology.

I started my career working as an addictions counselor at the Mayo Clinic,

and in 2009 I left to start my own business, Intrinsic SOULutions.

My whole life I've had the gift of seeing women as their Authentic Selves, and now I get to help them truly live that. I have been through myriad waves of turmoil and subsequent awakening throughout my personal journey, so I am able to merge a deep wisdom of life with certain knowledge of spirituality and science.

'Why do I do this work?', you ask... because I believe that human healing and evolution is hinged on the awakening process and women are leading that wave. It's essential for them to bring their Authentic Selves into full expression and service in the world, at this time.

It's never been more important and YOU are a key piece to the puzzle! I want you to be fully equipped with everything you need to live your Soul's biggest missions and

really rock the shit outta life! Let's do this together.

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