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Drama-Free Way

Drama is all around you, but you can learn how to rise above it.

3 Causes of All Drama

Breaking Down Drama Thinking

Drama Addiction is REAL

Shift from Drama to Thriving

Drama-Free Way Masterclass

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In the Drama-Free Way Masterclass you will learn:

  • ​The Three Causes of ALL Drama

    All drama in life is caused by the 3 core human wounds of shame, betrayal, and abandonment.  Once you understand this concept minimalizing the impact of drama will become significantly easier.

  • How Drama Addiction Works

    Drama addiction is REAL and powerful.  I'll cover why it happens and why it is so tough to overcome.

  • Daily Habits for Thriving

    You'll learn concrete tools to build a daily practice towards living a thriving life.  We'll focus on forming new habits that are aligned with getting into a drama-free mindset.  

  • The Universe was Built for You to Thrive

    Energy works in strange and mysterious ways.  That is until you understand what’s behind it.  You’ll learn how drama relates to concepts like the law of attraction and other universal laws so you can make your energy really work for you.

  • What Sucks You into Drama

    There are endless opportunities to be sucked into drama, but it's actually your own thinking that turns this drama into stress for you.  Learn how to shift your mindset into one that will have you thriving instead of engaging in drama.  

  • Energy is Everything

    You'll learn all about the energetic state spectrum a transformational tool that allows you to take charge of what kind of energy is flowing into and out of your life. 

  • How to Deal with OPD (Other People's Drama)

    Let’s face it, if you’re like a lot of people it's easy to let other people’s drama affect you, but that doesn't have to be the case.  Learn fail-safe strategies to insulate yourself from the drama around you.

Jennifer is an engaging speaker who compassionately invites us to look at the role drama plays in our lives. She creates a safe space for exploration and tools for understanding and moving beyond the drama and into the lives we want to be living.

Analise O'Brien, Drama-Free Way Course Graduate

This course


  • 13 lessons: Take charge of how drama affects you, and develop a mindset that allows you to truly thrive.

  • Exercises for each lesson to help you apply and absorb all of the information. 

  • Staged delivery of the content over 7 weeks so you can learn then practice the concepts in real life.  You will be able to focus on just 2 lessons a week to master each area before moving on. 

  • Treasure Chest of Tools contains deep dives around the most important concepts


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