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The Anatomy of Intuition for the Empowered Woman


Learn how your human system is built to be a vehicle for your rockin'-awesome, super-sexy Soul

women's intuition. You have it. But do you know how it works? After this Zoom-fest you will!


Intuition is something no one teaches us about, but it is one of the MOST ESSENTIAL aspects of living a human life that's powerfully aligned with your Soul's desires, truth and agenda. 


You need your intuition to make decisions. Your decisions shape your life path. Honoring your intuition leads you to all the good shit your Soul has lined up for you. Repressing, dismissing and denying your intuition, well... you probably already know how that turns out. 


It's time to get SUPER CLEAR: 

Understand HOW your intuition works so you can follow it more

Feel more connected to your inner truth and wisdom 

Stop suppressing and negotiating your intuition when you already know it's right

Trust yourself more and start making decisions that your Soul is already calling you into

Join this free LIVE Interactive Zoom-fest (webinar) to Discover:

  • The anatomy of your intuition, from your brain to your gut and everything in between

  • How your own Soul is always accessible to you and offering communication through your intuition

  • Why it's so hard to listen to your intuition and how you can cultivate more self-honoring to be more empowered in your relationships, business and beyond

Hosted by: Jennifer ALLY Kern

Higher Consciousness Consultant, Spiritual Mentor & Author of The Drama-Free Way: Authentic Thriving in a Chaotic World


Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada) GMT -5

  • Tuesday, 12 October 2021,  at 1:00 pm

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Award-winning Author. Mentor. Teacher. Master Healer.

Meet Jennifer ALLY

Jennifer Ally Kern has a BBA in International Business, a MS in Psychology.

Before starting her business Intrinsic SOULutions in 2009, she began her career as an addictions counselor at the Mayo Clinic.

Jennifer has studied with top minds in the areas of higher consciousness, neuro-transformation, NLP and is a certified Akashic Records Master Healer. She is the creator of the Inner Alignment Model and the Lead in Alignment system, and in 2018 she founded THRIViesta: Soul-centric Events. 

Jennifer is an advocate and champion for human evolution, authentic connection, spiritual awakening, and manifesting the "new earth" in our lifetime. She is particularly passionate about activating women leaders, entrepreneurs and healers into their higher consciousness and Authentic Selves.

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